The Indian Sun Recognises My Restaurant App As A Lifeline For Restaurants

The struggles of restaurants in Australia have not been hidden from the industry veterans and continue to plague food entrepreneurs. The revenue-sharing model brought forth by the food delivery giants is killing small restaurants, and the recent emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has further saddened their condition.

Offering a ray of hope in this gloomy scenario is a revolutionary product called My Restaurant App, a customisable app for restaurants launched by a leading digital marketing agency in Gold Coast. Introduced recently with a free trial option, the pioneering tool was featured in The Indian Sun as a lifeline for dying restaurants in Australia.

The Need of the Hour

Explaining the importance of the digital tool, Managing Director Manish Khanna elaborated that restaurants are under immense pressure due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. They have to deal with ridiculously high delivery commissions in order to retain their clientele, and this is affecting their bottom-line negatively.

My Restaurant App provides a respite to such restaurateurs by offering them a platform where they can directly connect with their customers without the intervention of any competitors or delivery giants. The best part is that there is no commission on orders, and the restaurateurs can keep their profits intact.

Developed in response to the pandemic, the tool is being offered for free for the first 100 members. Thus there will be no set-up costs and no subscription charges for three months which will help restaurants in Australia to save up to $1000 upfront.

Offering a new lease of life to troubled local restaurants, the customisable app lends an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the users. All you need to do is register your business on the site and get started by uploading information through the admin portal.

If you need assistance during the registration process, you can take help from the live chat window available on the site. Your customised app can then be downloaded by the customers through the Google Play Store or Apple Store, and it can work smoothly on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Remarkable Features of the Tool

The app will give you secure access to your target audience wherein you can engage with them and cater to their needs. It will be just you, your customers and no one else. Your delectable spread will not get lost in the clutter, and you will not have to reduce your prices to attract more customers.

In a nutshell, you will be in complete control of your business and will be able to take it to the next level. With your app in the mobile phones of the target audience, most customers will not stray and keep coming back to you.

The connection built through the app will help you to retain your customers and do repeat business with them. After all, it is a known fact that retaining existing customers is more affordable than finding new ones.

After the registration, the testing version gets ready for approval within two days for iPhone, and within a week, it can get approved by the app stores. The payments accepted through the app are completely secure and safe and are credited directly to the entrepreneur’s account.

You can make use of the existing default payment gateway or get it replaced by requesting the customer support team. Once you subscribe to the app, you will get ongoing technical support that will make sure that your work never stops due to any technical glitches.

Advantages for Restaurateurs

A personalised and branded app which improves brand recognition and visibility among the target audience is one of the biggest benefits of this tool. You can accept dine-in, takeaway and delivery orders from the app as well as your website and create a database of loyal customers.

My Restaurant App has an interesting feature which allows the restaurant owner to blast bulk SMS to the exiting customers for promotions. It helps in marketing the restaurant affordably by making use of discount coupons and gift vouchers that can be sent to the customers through the app.

After the free trial period, which has been provided to keep restaurants in Australia afloat during the lockdown, the restaurateurs can opt for the simple subscription which has no strings attached and requires a fixed payment every month.

Your profits stay in your pocket, and your customers feel gratified as they receive delicious food with love and care at the right temperature. Their positive reviews can further boost your sales and ramp up the revenue.


My Restaurant App takes your brand away from the commission, competition and clutter. It is the best way to save your business in the changing economic conditions and infuse it with a newfound vigour through a customised app that brings you closer to your customers.