Remarkable New App To Help Restaurant Businesses Survive COVID-19

The unprecedented conditions which have emerged after COVID-19 became a pandemic have crippled the world economy and brought several nations to a standstill. Australia, on the other hand, has been able to flatten the curve with strict measures taken to curb the lethal virus.

However, the lockdown and social distancing have had a negative impact on several small businesses, including restaurants in Australia. Most of them were already facing financial problems, and the pandemic has made them rely more and more on food delivery giants. These deceptive third-parties are charging 30%-40% commission on every order, and have broken the back of restaurateurs who are operating to retain their customers.

Empathising with their situation, a renowned Gold Coast software developer has launched a new app to bring the restaurant owners back into the game with personalised apps for their businesses. The ground-breaking app has come as a new lease of life for Queensland’s struggling restaurateurs during COVID-19.

My Restaurant App For Financially Troubled Restaurateurs

Covering the launch news, the Gold Coast Bulletin christened the app as a revolutionary Restaurant ordering System in Australia, that will give the control back to the small restaurant owners and freed them from the shackles of delivery giants. My Restaurant App will allow food entrepreneurs to keep their profits by doing away with commissions and giants. They will become the masters of their finances and cater to their audience in their trademark style without worrying about competitors.

Speaking to Gold Coast Bulletin, Managing Director Manish Khanna said that the pandemic has forced restaurants in Australia to limit their services to takeaways and delivery. Thus they have come up with a solution that directly connects the restaurateurs with their customers.

My Restaurant App allows entrepreneurs to serve hot and aromatic food with exceptional customer service that defines their service quality. They will no more be dependent on the substandard service of third-party delivery boys and can take orders according to their comfort and availability. With the commissions and competitors out of the picture, the restaurants will get a secure and tailored space to deal with their customers and keep them happy.

Free App For Restaurants During COVID-19

The app does not come with a long-term contractual fee. It only requires a one-time set-up cost and nominal monthly subscription fee for maintenance and technical support. There are no hidden charges. However, keeping the current situation in mind, the app is being offered free of cost for the first hundred members who register on the site.

Elaborating about the generous offer to Gold Coast bulletin, Mr. Khanna said that it was their way of utilising their software development skills to support local restaurants during COVID-19. It will help them to adapt their business to the changing service environment without incurring substantial financial losses. Most of these small businesses do not have the capabilities to develop their own mobile apps.

Thus My Restaurant App proves to be a powerful tool that will assist restaurateurs in building a customised app for their eateries and engaging their customers to get repeat orders from them.

It can run smoothly on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store within a week of registration on The website has a ‘try for free’ button, which will take you to the business details form.

Once you fill out the required information and click on the ‘create new account’ button, you will be sent a verification email. The users can click on the link sent in the email and start customising their app through the intuitive and easy to use admin portal. The website has a live chat system to help users with the registration process.

A Multitude of Benefits From One Tool

Besides offering freedom from commissions, the app also gives restaurateurs a private space devoid of competitors and their menus, which act as costly distractions. It allows the entrepreneurs to take orders, upload their menu and prices, offer loyalty and promotional deals, and keep track of the real-time delivery updates.

It supports marketing efforts in a significant way through the creation of a customer database that can be utilised for sending a blast of bulk SMS through the app. It is an excellent way to generate repeat orders and keep your customers satisfied with exceptional service. Also, the support provided along with the subscription will help you to get over any technical challenges without facing any downtime.


Offering a ray of hope to struggling restaurants in Australia, My Restaurant App is a pioneering tool that can help them to come out of the mess created by the delivery giants. It offers a platform to restaurateurs, which will have just them, their customers, and no one else!