New App Developed To Revive Struggling Restaurants during COVID-19 Crisis

Restaurants in Australia have not had it easy in the past few months. The profits had started plunging ever since the big delivery firms came into the picture. With popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo becoming common among the Smartphone generation, things have not been the same. They have been eating away the profits of small restaurants by charging 30%-40% commission on every order. The exorbitant rates have been burning a hole in the pockets of the restaurateurs who are now burdened by the onslaught of COVID-19. The pandemic has forced eateries to limit their service to takeaways and deliveries while maintaining social distancing. The small players have been left with no choice but to pay the hefty commission to sustain their business in the times of crisis. However, a Gold Coast-based software developer has devised an innovative way to come out of the worsening condition with the help of a revolutionary app.

Paving Way For A Change

Announcing the launch of the app in a special news report covered by the Indian News Queensland, Managing Director Manish Khanna stated that My Restaurant App had been designed by his digital marketing company to cater to the restaurants struggling due to the profit-eating giants. The solution has been exclusively developed for restaurateurs so that they can gain back the control of their target market by connecting with the audience one-to-one. With no third-parties involved in the process of ordering and delivering, the food entrepreneurs will now have complete control over their food and customers. They can receive orders and deliver them without any delays at the right temperature and with a perfect presentation to gratify the hunger pangs of food connoisseurs.

Speaking to Indian News Queensland, Mr. Khanna said that the app was devised in response to the impact of the pandemic on restaurants in Australia. He explained that My Restaurant App has no long-term contract obligations, and can be easily utilised through an affordable monthly subscription. However, considering the damaging effect of the virus on the economy and businesses, the app will be offered free of cost to first 100 members who register their restaurant on The step has been taken to provide financial relief to the struggling restaurants, which can save $1000 upfront with the free trial offer. Thus they will not be charged any set-up fee and will get to use the app for free for three months.

Outstanding Tool That Works In Favour of Restaurateurs

My Restaurant App allows the restaurateurs to create a customised app which helps them to manage all the data at one place. It runs perfectly on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from the respective app stores by the customers within just one week of getting registered on the site. The restaurateurs can get started by following three simple steps of registration and start customising their app with their business information. The personalised app allows the entrepreneurs to take delivery orders, showcase their menu, preparation time and track the real-time delivery updates.

While talking about the benefits of the app to the Indian News Gold Coast, Mr. Khanna said that it would also help in improving local employment since more restaurants will be hiring staff to complete their delivery orders. He added that small restaurants in Australia do not have the technical expertise to develop their mobile apps, and as a result, have to bear the burden of decimating profits. However, this cutting-edge tool will bring back the control in the hands of the restaurant owner. They will be in charge of taking orders, preparing food and delivering them with their unique customer service. It will thoroughly satisfy the clients and help the eateries to generate ongoing repeat orders from their existing customers. He further confessed that it was his way of using his software skills to support restaurants which have to adapt to the changing service scenario with minimum financial stress.

My Restaurant App boasts of several features that make it even more valuable for restaurateurs, such as the ability to send one-off and loyalty promotional deals. It also has a bulk SMS attribute which allows blasting a message to the customer database created on the app within minutes. Since there are no competitors present on the app, the restaurateurs can steer clear of price wars or losing visibility in the clutter. It helps in enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction that will help in spreading a positive word of mouth through online reviews and ratings.


In a nutshell, it is one of the most significant products introduced in the market which has the capability to transform the fortune of restaurant owners in the country. It puts the relationship back to where it was by offering a platform which only has the business and its customers and no one else.