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Everything You Need to Know To Use My Restaurant App Like A Pro

My Restaurant App: How to Register and Get Started

Restaurants have been at the forefront of the Australian culinary culture as we are known for our delicious food and exemplary customer service. However, the industry clocked a slowed growth in the past year due to various reasons. The most significant one among them is the charging of 30%-40% commission by food delivery apps, which is eating away the revenue of restaurateurs. Giants like Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo have been fleecing restaurants in Australia, which are struggling to make their ends meet. The unprecedented…Read More

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New App Developed To Revive Struggling Restaurants during COVID-19 Crisis

Restaurants in Australia have not had it easy in the past few months. The profits had started plunging ever since the big delivery firms came into the picture. With popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo becoming common among the Smartphone generation, things have not been the same. They have been eating away the profits of small restaurants by charging 30%-40% commission on every order. The exorbitant rates have been burning a hole in the pockets of the restaurateurs who are now…Read More

Remarkable New App To Help Restaurant Businesses Survive COVID-19

The unprecedented conditions which have emerged after COVID-19 became a pandemic have crippled the world economy and brought several nations to a standstill. Australia, on the other hand, has been able to flatten the curve with strict measures taken to curb the lethal virus. However, the lockdown and social distancing have had a negative impact on several small businesses, including restaurants in Australia. Most of them were already facing financial problems, and the pandemic has made them rely more and more on food delivery giants.…Read More

7 NEWS Gold Coast: My Restaurant App Offers Much-Needed Respite From Delivery Giants!

Small restaurants in Australia have been suffering in silence over the past year as they have not been able to achieve the desired profits. The spread of coronavirus has further dampened business as customers are maintaining social distancing and avoiding dining-in at their favourite places. Most of the eateries are dependent on the prominent food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo and are repenting their decision of partnering with them. These giants are charging 35% commission on every order, which is leaving the…Read More

The Indian Sun Recognises My Restaurant App As A Lifeline For Restaurants

The struggles of restaurants in Australia have not been hidden from the industry veterans and continue to plague food entrepreneurs. The revenue-sharing model brought forth by the food delivery giants is killing small restaurants, and the recent emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has further saddened their condition. Offering a ray of hope in this gloomy scenario is a revolutionary product called My Restaurant App, a customisable app for restaurants launched by a leading digital marketing agency in Gold Coast. Introduced recently with a free trial…Read More