7 NEWS Gold Coast: My Restaurant App Offers Much-Needed Respite From Delivery Giants!

Small restaurants in Australia have been suffering in silence over the past year as they have not been able to achieve the desired profits. The spread of coronavirus has further dampened business as customers are maintaining social distancing and avoiding dining-in at their favourite places.

Most of the eateries are dependent on the prominent food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo and are repenting their decision of partnering with them. These giants are charging 35% commission on every order, which is leaving the pockets of the restaurateurs empty.

They are not able to hold on to their takings, and the lockdown has further worsened the situation as the delivery apps are not reducing the commission rates. The profit margins have plummeted drastically, and restaurant owners are finding it challenging to stay afloat.

However, the evolution of the groundbreaking My Restaurant App has turned the tables. Launched by a leading digital marketing agency in Gold Coast, the innovative tool allows the creation of a customised app for restaurants so that they can directly deal with their customers. It is just the business, its customers and no one else!

Improving Cash Flow to Get Back On Track

The outstanding tool has injected a new lease of life into restaurants in Australia that were struggling because of declining cash flow and were finding it difficult to make payments to their staff and suppliers. Now with their own app, they are not dependent on any third party for deliveries.

The most beneficial factor of My Restaurant App is that there is no commission associated with this service. So the profits stay with its rightful owner. It recently got featured in 7 Gold Coast News as an alternative for restaurants which were fed up of the excessive commission charges.

The service can be availed through reasonably priced monthly subscription packages and a one-time setup fee. However, keeping the current scenario in mind, the Managing Director Manish Khanna has introduced the free trial scheme. Thus restaurateurs can get registered and create their own mobile app without any investment and use it for free for three months.

The offer is applicable to the first 100 members who register their business through myrestaurantapp.com.au. Since the delivery will come back in the control of the service provider, it will allow them to serve their food with the same love and care with which they prepare it. They will be able to reduce the delivery time and provide their customers with piping hot and delicious food as they will be accepting limited orders.

Benefits for Local Entrepreneurs

The app allows the restaurateurs to create menu items and take dine-in, takeaway and delivery orders. The ongoing orders can be managed efficiently, including confirming pending orders and finishing the task after delivery. The restaurant owners can reduce their advertising budget by a significant percentage as they can utilise the app to send out promotional messages.

The app comes with an inbuilt SMS blast option that can help entrepreneurs to send bulk SMS to their customer base, which gets automatically created in the app as you add the details of your existing clients. Other marketing efforts that can be accomplished through the app include creating coupons and gift vouchers for loyal patrons.

It is exceptionally effortless to set up, and you can register your business in three simple steps that involve logging into the site, entering your business details and verifying your email address. The site has a live chat feature which offers assistance with registration.

Also, once you become a member, you will get access to technical support that will make sure that the app is working smoothly at all times. The testing version of the app for iPhone gets ready in two days, and the final app takes a week to get approval from the app stores for launch.

Thus your customers can start downloading your branded app in just ten days after registration from Google Play Store and Apple Store. A personalised app will give you freedom from competitors whose presence on the food delivery apps was always a threat to the business.

Additionally, you will not be paying any commission whatsoever, and the payments received through the app will go directly into your bank account. My Restaurant App shields you from the big sharks as well as the swindling giants.

You can retain your customers and turn them into loyal clients who add more dollars to your weekly takings. Basically, the relationship comes back to being a two-way deal between the restaurant owner and the customers without the interference of any third party.


My Restaurant App is a fantastic way to own your customers and say no to the deceiving giants. You can create a risk-free environment which allows you to keep your profits and satisfy your customers.