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Quickest Way To Place Orders Without Any Hassles

My Restaurant App makes it very easy to place ordersand pay bills through the App, creating an amazing dine-out experience for food lovers who cannot wait to dig in. Get what you need at your favourite eatery in just a few taps on your Smartphone. My Restaurant App makes ordering food faster, better, and smarter. What’s more? You don’t have to pay anything for the food ordering service.

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Schedule Your Takeaway Food

No time to dine-in? You can opt for takeaway using My Restaurant App and place your order even before you reach for the pickup. You can get your favourite takeaways without wasting time and choose from the exact same menu available at the restaurant. The App showcases all the top-rated takeaways in your area so that you can choose your most loved dishesor cuisines from the best eateries in town.

The most interesting feature of the App is that you can schedule a takeaway in advance if you are going to be busy. For example, if you are rushing to work and have friends coming over later, you can simply schedule the takeaway and pick it up while coming back. It is as simple as that and using the App costs you nothing.

Book Your Table

Don’t want to wait to find a table at the restaurant? We have got you covered! Now book your table and enjoy a comfortable and sumptuous meal with family or friends at your chosen eatery. What’s more? Get a 5% discount on themenu price!Yes, you read that right. My Restaurant App allows you to book tables at any restaurant to avoid the crowds and queues and make your way to the lavish spread with the least discomfort.

The App can be easily downloaded through Google Play and Apple Store by both iOS and Android users. All the participating restaurants on the App offer a 5% discount on orders,which helps customers to satiate their taste buds within their budget.

Restaurants Deliver Their Own Food
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Select Multiple Local Restaurant in Your Area

Our easy to download and user-friendly App allows customers to search for local eateries and add them to their Wishlist. It helps them to find them on top of the list whenever they open the App to avoid the hassle of searching for theirfavourite places. Thus, you will always have the best ones on your fingertips to place orders quickly and get rid of your food cravings.

It is also beneficial for local food businesses as they can expand their business by reaching new potential customers whoare looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner options in the same region. Broaden your eating out possibilities with My Restaurant App and get served on time every time.


Direct Order To Your Restaurant And Get Discount

Download My Restaurant App to directly place orders at your favourite restaurant and get an instant 5% discount. You do not have to go through a thirdparty to reach your chosen eatery with this free tool. It extends the advantage of enjoying a seamless experience of eating out or getting a takeawayat a discounted rate.

The intuitive App allows customers to easilyfind alocal food business and order directly to your restaurant. You also stand to benefit from the regular promotions and specials offered by businesses to attract more customers through the App.Thus, avoid waiting on the phone to give your orders or standing in queues outside the eateries on weekends and download the App today.


Select Multiple Local Restaurant In Your Area

You can find the best places to eat in your local area and add them to your favourites list.Thus, you will have the names handy and can order directly from them without looking through a long list. The Appprovides location-specific options and helps to avoid time wastage whenever you are in a hurry to get some yummy food ordered.

The order is directly received by the restaurant and your food is prepared on time with minimal stress and trouble. The 5% discount on orders is exclusive for the App and cannot be availed through any other platform. Thus, downloading My Restaurant App is the best way to taste delicious fare quickly and affordably.